About us

Company Overview


AIBASC, founded in 2022 and located in Washington, USA, is an innovative company dedicated to integrating artificial intelligence technology into foreign exchange trading. Against the background of the rapid development of global financial technology, AIBASC emerged as the times require, aiming to optimize trading strategies through advanced AI technology, improve risk management capabilities, and achieve steady investment growth for global customers in the complex and ever-changing foreign exchange market. The company’s vision is to become the world’s leading provider of AI foreign exchange trading solutions, promote the intelligentization process of the foreign exchange trading market through continuous technological innovation and service optimization, and provide customers with a more efficient, more accurate and safer trading experience. AIBASC adheres to the principle of “innovation-driven, customer first” and is committed to bringing revolutionary changes to the global financial market.

Company History



In 2022, AIBASC concentrated on pioneering AI technology for foreign exchange transactions, leading to the successful development and internal testing of a preliminary AI transaction analysis model. Expanding on this achievement in mid-2022, the company enhanced its AI trading system and introduced an automated trading platform capable of executing strategies using real-time market data. This advancement represented a significant milestone for AIBASC, positioning it as a provider of intelligent solutions for foreign exchange trading.



In early 2023, AIBASC introduced its premier offering, an AI-powered foreign exchange trading system, while initiating collaborations with early adopters to establish a foothold in the market. Simultaneously, the company persisted in bolstering its technological research and development efforts, focusing on refining product performance. By mid-2023, leveraging extensive customer input, AIBASC conducted iterative enhancements to its solutions, strengthening trading strategies, risk management features, and user interface. Consequently, the company’s services garnered increased interest from institutional and individual investors.



As technology continues to mature and market influence increases, AIBASC has established cooperative relationships with a number of international financial institutions and investment companies, and its technology and services have been widely recognized. The company has further expanded its R&D team and increased investment in artificial intelligence technology research and new product development.



 AIBASC plans to further expand its service scope, not only covering the foreign exchange market, but also exploring the application of artificial intelligence technology in other financial markets such as stocks and futures. At the same time, the company also hopes to promote the application and development of artificial intelligence technology in the global financial field through international cooperation.

company culture

AIBASC’s corporate culture is based on the core values ​​of innovation, integrity, collaboration, and customer first, and is committed to creating an open, inclusive, learning and growing work environment. We believe these values ​​are the cornerstone of our company’s continued growth and success.

Core values


AIBASC firmly believes that innovation is the key driving force for the company's progress. We encourage our teams to continuously explore new ideas and technologies, lead the market with technological innovation, and provide customers with unique solutions.


We regard integrity as the basis of all business interactions. Whether facing internal teams or external customers, we adhere to the principle of honesty and trustworthiness to establish a good corporate image and brand reputation.

Collaboration and win-win

AIBASC advocates the spirit of teamwork and believes that through cross-department and cross-field collaboration, we can brainstorm, achieve common goals, and create greater business value and social impact.

Customer first

We always put customer needs first, are committed to providing services and solutions that exceed expectations, and grow together by establishing long-term and stable cooperative relationships.

Enterprise spirit

Open and inclusive

AIBASC encourages the exchange of diverse ideas and cultures, believing that in an open environment, everyone's potential can be maximized.

Continuous learning

We provide abundant learning resources and growth opportunities, encourage employees to pursue the improvement of knowledge and skills, and support the simultaneous progress of personal career development and the company's strategic goals.

Efficiency first

While pursuing excellence, AIBASC focuses on work efficiency and result orientation, and encourages improving work efficiency and optimizing business processes through innovative tools and methods.


The company not only pursues business success, but also pays attention to social responsibility. We are committed to promoting social progress through technological innovation and contributing to building a better future.

AIBASC’s corporate culture and core values ​​are the source of our team’s cohesion and motivation, guiding us to move forward steadily and achieve sustainable development in the rapidly changing financial technology field.

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