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Welcome to AIBASC, we are a leading artificial intelligence solutions provider focused on leveraging the latest AI technology to drive progress in business and society. Founded in the United States, AIBASC brings together the world’s top data scientists, AI researchers, and industry experts to develop innovative AI applications to solve complex real-world problems.
At AIBASC, we believe that the power of artificial intelligence can change the world. Through in-depth industry insights and advanced technology practices, we provide customers with customized intelligent solutions to help them stay ahead in fierce market competition. Whether it is optimizing business processes, enhancing customer experience, or promoting innovative development, AIBASC is your trustworthy partner.

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Choosing AIBASC means choosing leading technology and excellent service. We focus on using artificial intelligence and big data analysis to provide you with efficient and accurate business decision support. Whether you are a start-up or an industry giant, AIBASC can add momentum to your business and help you stand out in a highly competitive market. Our team consists of top data scientists and industry experts who will ensure your data is transformed into real value. Choose AIBASC to start your data-driven journey and let us shape the future together.

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Automated trading system

System design and framework construction

First, clarify the goals, functional requirements and performance indicators of the automated trading system, and design the system architecture, including data collection, processing, analysis, decision-making and execution modules.

Data collection and processing

The system collects market data in real time from multiple sources such as trading platforms, financial news websites, market analysis reports, etc. through APIs, including price changes, trading volumes, economic indicators, etc. The collected data needs to be preprocessed, such as data cleaning and formatting, to facilitate subsequent analysis.

Algorithm development

Use machine learning and deep learning technology to develop trading strategy algorithms. These algorithms can learn market rules and trading patterns from historical data, predict market trends, and formulate trading strategies.

Model training and optimization

Train and test trading algorithms through a large amount of historical market data, and continuously adjust and optimize model parameters to improve the accuracy of predictions and the profitability of trading strategies.

Transaction execution

Based on algorithm analysis and decision-making results, the system automatically executes buying and selling instructions on the trading platform. The system can also monitor market changes in real time and dynamically adjust trading strategies to respond to market fluctuations.

Risk management

Add a risk management module to the automated trading system and set rules such as stop loss, stop profit points and position control to ensure that transaction risks are within controllable limits.

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